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Yamaha TRIBE would like to announce the first of many new rides across the country that will be promoted in conjunction with the extensive Yamaha dealer network
The Yamaha TRIBE Western Sport Tour will take place on the weekend of August 25 to 27 and head towards the NSW country town of Dubbo.

Aimed at the Sport Touring family of Yamaha's motorcycle range such as the FJR, XJR, TDM, FZ1 etc, the ride is not completely exclusive to these models with an open door policy for all to join the ride.

This will be the first of many 'family' styled rides aimed at the various models within Yamaha's popular and growing line up. Cruisers, Sport Touring, Sport, NakedBikes etc will all be represented in due course.

While Yamaha TRIBE will be doing its best to coordinate rides in various regions across Australia, we ask that each of our members be involved as well and assist us either by nominating specific ride locations, or loops that they feel would be suitable for either day, or weekend rides. We also ask to let us know if your local Yamaha dealer would like to be involved. The more the merrier.
To provide you with an outline of what we have planned, you can read through the following relating to the upcoming Western Sport Tour. We hope to see you on one or more of these upcoming rides.

Log on to the Yamaha TRIBE website for all the ride details.
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