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The winter sun casts a long shadow on my January riding. Clouds, wind and rain dampen the enthusiasm of our riding group. As the cold months pass over us, I find it difficult to execute the group rides we enjoy so often in the summer. With the long shadows, there are fewer hours of sun and warmth. With less warmth, those early morning starts are farther apart. Not that we don't want to get together. It is just more difficult in the winter.
This morning as I began my morning run, the temperature gauge on the truck displayed 45d F. That first mile was cool. Around eleven AM, my enthusiasm peaked and off the Bagstr and I went. Departing the moderate climate of metro San Diego, the wind was cool and the jacket vents zipped shut. The new perferated riding pants were taking a chance, but hey, they're new so I' m determined to wear them. Thermal running pants as a first layer made the application work. Whatever! Choosing the roads carefully, we were off the freeway and on the twisty two lane in fifteen minutes. "Let the games begin".
With the tires warmed, and these suspension mods in the book, this FJR is a fine application for dropping in and whacking out the cambers of the ascent to Cuyamaca State Park, Julian and Mt. Laguna. The little traffic out was dispatched smoothly using patience and good public relations. Those shadows do force the rider to concentrate on the dark, bright and dark again surfaces of the leaf strewn roads. That is much of the fun out here, applying my riding skills to the challenge at hand. One nice flat radius with a touch of sand had me touching my toe in the old dirt track fashion as the Pilot Roads did a bit of sliding. But, the tires maintained feel and we were off down the road, no worse for wear.
Lunch was a treat as I ate at the Apple Alley Cafe for the first time. Lunch special; 1/2 sandwich, spicy chicken enchilada soup and a slice of cherry/apple pie for $7. The soup was especially tasty. The pie across the street at Mom's is still the best.
The road back took us across Cuyamaca meadow and over 6,000ft Mt. Laguna with even less traffic. The ridgeline that the road traverses, is the high point with 4-5000 ft drops to the desert eastward. Often, this geography produces windy conditions, but not today. fine and dandy. Dry roads and the sunlight holding.
The Michelins continued to warm as the dry roads proved a treat. The way home, the sun stayed sufficiently high during my westward journey, maintaining good visibility. Back in La Mesa, it was a downright balmy 65d F. Carefully choosing our path, we avoided all but two lights. With the jacket vents all open, the friendly home drive presented itself in the end. Winter Sun indeed. Unto every season there is a time and the Bagstr and I got away with another good time.

In San Diego,
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