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It's nearly your last chance to score some Widder Lectric clothing through

HSGEAR.BIZ at a pretty decent discount.

These guys are LEO's and Firemen who got together and decided to buy stuff in bulk to save themselves some bucks. Now it's grown into a very nice side business.

This offer is good from now THROUGH 1/5/06. You can get an additional 10% off (roughly23% off retail) IF YOU ORDER OVER $150 worth of goods. A vest, gloves and controller is easily over that amount. If you only need one item, buddy up!

You are on your own on this deal. Read carefully and read the vendors website. If you have questions, ask HSGear!

There are VERY strict return policies at HSGear, and in this case, NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!!!!!!!! At the low margins HSGEAR is getting from Widder on this deal, they LOSE money, even if you exchange for the wrong size. Yes my friends, they are working on that tight a margin, the shipping costs are more than their profit.

If you aren't willing to risk it (as in buying the wrong thing, or getting the wrong size), DON'T DO THE DEAL. Having said that, I had to work with them to correct a problem with my order, and it was remedied to my door in three days. It was Widder's mistake, and HSGear fixed it!

HSGear does NOT STOCK THIS STUFF. When you place your order, they charge your card immediately. They have to pay Widder immediately. Widder makes and ships this stuff when ordered by the retailer. It then goes to HSGear and they in turn send it out.

***HSGear does NOT plan on shipping items until the week after the self buy ends. If you can't wait, don't do the deal.

What you do: Turn on your cookies. Then, go to

HSGear.BIZ website and order what Widder stuff you want. I don't think the discount works for bullet proof vests, so don't try anything but Lectric Clothing. At your checkout, put in the coupon code:


Then check out as normal. You should see a 10% discount over HSGear's already low prices. Yes, it's not a tremendous amount, but as my father says:"It's better than a kick in the pants!"

Just a note for you buyers: There are notes/instructions on how to order different item sizes. They may seem a bit wierd, but they work. I did the measurements on my short, fat, broad self, and the measurements worked out perfectly. I will say that I wear a medium in almost EVERYONE's gloves, but I kinda swim in the Widder medium gloves. I won't say order the next smaller glove, but if you're inbetween sizes, you might consider it. I have 44 shoulders and a 44 gut. I ordered a 44 and it is SNUG. It is SUPPOSED TO BE SNUG. Be honest about that beer belly or you will not be able to breath.

Also note that some pieces DO NOT WORK TOGETHER. BE CAREFUL HOW and WHAT YOU ORDER. If you are in doubt, email HSGEAR and ask them. Or check out the Widder site.

Again, this is a SELF BUY. You are ON YOUR OWN. I have my gear and am NOT participating. I am done. I just hope you guys can either save a little money, or can buy more gear. I have no interest in this other than trying to save my FJR buddies some hard earned cash.

ENJOY! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's good through 1/5/2006. Orders will be charged on receipt and
shipped the week of the 1/10/2006. All freight is based on whatever the
guys calculate out of the UPS schedule on the website. No tiers, no
breakpoints, no returns/exchanges, just a whopper discount based on the
numbers you'd mentioned.
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