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gr8eyes said:
Bounce true enough for the GPS but my V 1 resides in the tank bag. Of course you have to be linked audibly to it. Sounds like he trying to get away from having anything up front in the cockpit which is why I didn't reco the shelf.
How much do you need to be able to see a GPS? If it has voice control ala Tomtom Rider kind of things?

Don't have anything other than an MP3 player so far, and that lives in my pocket (though I think I froze the poor thing in this English weather, battery now lasts a whole 1 song). My hope/plan was to keep it all in a tank bag, maybe wire a power board inside the bag, socketed on the fairing (B panel?)

I figure if I get lost and can't follow the voice, I'll want to pull over to check the maps anyway. Can't imagine trying to read a map ona small screen while riding/driving.

In fact, thinking about it I'd rather get a custom tank bag with a clear panel for the GPS, than add on the mounts I've seen. For me, they look to cluttered, and something to snag on in a bad moment
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