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An update...:rolleyes:

So I got Orion back together last evening, and wanted to start it up, to make sure I put everything back together correctly. Bike started and idled...good!

Turned off the bike, and was gonna start fitting my fuel pressure gauge... But I had to restart it for something, now I can't remember...

And the battery is DEAD...Click, Clickety, Click... 11.8VDC The Hell? I just started it and ran it??

Less than 22 months, on this AGM battery.

Off I went to Batteries Plus to get a Lithium battery this time...they don't list one for the FJR... Sigh...

And a further kick in the sack, Texas now charges $0.85/lb to recycle alkaline batteries!!:oops: I had 3 lbs. of batteries...

So, can someone who uses a lithium battery, please give me the Make, model, etc, that will work in our FJRs?

Thanks, and stay tuned...
The lithium batteries come with a whole pack of sticky foam that you use to make the battery the right size.
Shorai - lfx18a1-bs12 is what I have in my bike
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