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Been awhile since I posted here but the bike has been giving me grief so has been garaged off and on but the time has come..
Due to all keys incl Red being stolen the old girl won't go. I had an immobiliser work around done but now that's finally failed.
Yamaha have discontinued the overpriced replacement ECU/keyset so

1. I need a wrecked 2003/4 with ABS OR
2. 2003/2004 ECU & matching keyset/ignition barrel from ABS bike etc OR
3. I'll sell the complete bike that is all fully working and in good nick 120,000 km regularly service, new head under warranty at 70,000 for ticking fault ...but it won't start due to no fuel /no ignition signal/locked in immobiliser

Option 3 will be with much regret
Located in Adel NE

Love to hear comments or ideas posted below..
PM me or email inquiries to [email protected]


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