I see where a new "Leg Shield Washer", as Yamaha calls the windshield garnish (trim) at the bottom of the windshield, is running about $70 with tax nowadays.
If you have a spare you're willing to part with, I could use one.
Just to make it kinkier, I intend to use it on... my 5th gen VFR. See, I mounted my old, disliked Yamaha Touring Screen, cut down, on the VFR's extended mirror mounts and it really improved the heck out of the wind protection on long Interstate stretches. But those stock holes are so ugly even I have trouble looking at them. The stock FJR trim covers it up and looks right nice. But I'm not willing to pilfer the one off my FJR, so I am casting about for another.
Ebay didn't have a single one excepting a silver one for $75. I would be better off with black.