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Re: yamaha usa gets with the rest of the planet

jupiterfjr said:
Highlander, your logic stinks,... the fjr has gone up in price every year under the PDP....[mine was $10,600 US dollars in march 02 ] with the FJR on the showroom floor like every other consumer item in the world,,, you think it will increase in price even more???.....last time i checked, the more a manufacturer of a item { does not matter what] makes of said item, ,, the lower the cost per item... be it FJR's or condoms [somehow there is a link ]...
The MSRP has gone up every year. Seems that's the case with most bikes over the same time frame. The difference is that a high-demand bike that's floored doesn't get discounted. Check out the R1's that were at, or above MSRP, has people on waiting lists, and... HEY WAITING LISTS! THEY WAITED TOO! The difference was that they waited without the certainty of delivery that PdP waiters had).

PdP gave people, willing to look around, a chance to negotiate pricing because dealerships didn't have a risk in flooring inventory. Waiting is waiting. The difference between PdP and waiting lists for floor models is that the dealer has the upper hand on price and the waiting list for floor models give impulse buyers the ILLUSION of spontaneity.
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