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I've been corresponding with the H&B U. S. distributor. The company has designed and produced a rack that fits the NEW 2006 rear rack, and then of course you can add the H&B topcase to that. If five (including me) people order by Monday, the distributor will deduct 15% from the cost of the items.

I'll have firm pricing tomorrow, but figure about $225 for the big box and about $165 for the new rack, fifty bucks for the pillion pad if you want it.

No other aftermarket rack is yet available, here or overseas, that I've found...not Givi, not Kappa, etc.

This link will take you to an English version of their web page, the top box is the Journey...two sizes, a couple of colors. The silver one can be painted if you want it to match the new color. The black one is a "pebble" finish, I think, and would likely be difficult if not impossible to paint.

IF you want to do this, send me a PM, and PLEASE INCLUDE your email address. If five raise their hands, I'll send an email to all including the H&B distributor dude I've been dealing with, and everyone can order their stuff.

Said it'd be a couple of weeks to get the gear, then figure another week to ship it...right about the time March bike orta be April:eek

I'll post the prices as soon as I get them.

I've not seen the box, but I've got to have one as soon as the bike arrives, which should be the 12th of Never, I guess. Can't imagine anything other than very high quality.

USA only.
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