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The first 30 sets of risers have been shipped and everyone should be getting them by Thursday or Friday of this week. I have ask for feedback on how their installs went and will keep you updated, particulary with the fact or fiction that Yamaha's handlebar cables vary in length. With the exception of Don Carver who's email address I could not find, if you did not get an email saying your risers were shipped, you did not make it in the first 30 and I will be contacting you via email.

Around June 1, I posted here and other FJR forums that I was honoring my posted price of $119 for the first 30 even though I was not making money on them and after that I was not sure what the price was going to be. Well, I never got my price down from the machine shops so I had to go up on price. The new price is $139 + $8 shipping in the USA and $18 shipping elsewhere. Add $5 additional if you pay with PayPal. All risers are shipped uninsured. If you do not trust postal service add $6 for insurance. You can see details at website:

I am hoping to be able to ship another batch of 30 sets of risers out around July 5th.

Doug Hines
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