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UNI-GO Trailers????

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I looked at the UNI-GO website the other day. Was checking out thier trailers. Does anyone else make a small single wheel trailer like this to pull behind the FJR?
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I know 3 people with Uni-Go's. 2 of them had other trailers in the past (normal style). All three love their Uni-Go's.
I've got one of these You can hardly tell your towing it. And the nice thing is it cost's less than $1000.00 Canadian.

I have a Uni Go.

The idea is good, the trailer handles very well, and the hitch for the FJR is a lot tidier than the other makes I've seen, but it was expensive, the body is a little too short to get anything bulky in, and the chassis on ours snapped in two when we were on holiday in the Alps.
They sent us a new chassis etc, but the experience may have clouded my judgement somewhat.

Things may be different now the design has been sold to a company in the US, but the shipping and import duty when it had to come from New Zealand put the price in the UK well above the competition, but I liked the look of it. :(
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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