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UK lidl does it again, good value bike gear

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Some good stuff here,

last year they did this stuff I got the £14.99 tank bag good solid bit of kit,
and the wind killer stuff is just as good as the branded stuff at a 1/4 of the price.

worth a look if your winter gear is getting a bit past it.

I am not sure about a £4.99 intercom tho, I would not expect Autocom to be too worried. :crylarf:

I don't work for lidls setc, etc,
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Bagman said:
I don't work for lidls setc, etc, I just test their pizzas

And for those of you who keep your bikes parked up in winter, or don't have a garage, if the bike covers are the same as they sold last year, they are very good value, and will fit an FJR.
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