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tickets for motogp in laguna seca

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I bought 2 tickets to the race and my wife doesn't want to go. Seems as though no one else want to go either. So, since I don't want to go alone I'm selling the tickets for face value. They haven't sent them to me yet, so i'll send them when I get them. Let me know if you're interested.
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how much are the tickets ?

a friend of mine is interested and asked me to check the price :D

I decided to go by myself. I ain't gonna waste the things, plus I really enjoyed last year.
Sorry Theo. Wifey bought 'em for me last year... and buddy's buyin' em this year, so I don't know.

I DO know that the ticket expense is chicken feed compared to the travel & lodging expenses for me. Hit eBay... betcha you'll find some. You need admission, and you might want to add on grandstand seating, unless you like it on a blankie on one of the hills.

In the grandstand, beside the drunken FJR owner next to me, there was a guy from jolly ol' England on the other side, and on the hillside I sat next to a hilarious Scotsman, and some folks from the far East... all talkin' bikes. Truly an experience. I've been to Damascus, Jericho, Rome, Cairo, Jerusalem, Rome... even water-skied on the sea of Galilee... and I can't say that MotoGP race was too far behind. :D (Oooh, I have a G-man bro-in-law moving to Qatar next fall, perhaps a turban-wearing MotoGP next year. :shock: )

My advice... if you can, do.

tickets for moto gp

you can still get tickets at their website I paid $280 for 2 three day passes and 2 grandstand tickets for sunday. They're having a drawing for an additional 2000 paddock passes ($40).
Tickets for Laguna motogp

I have quite a few 3 day tickets with paddock passes and grandstand seats and motel in Carmel. Pashnittours had some left over as we bought enough for all of Europe I think! Come and get 'em!
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