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In a small village in Northern Quebec, lived a French Canadian called Pierre. He was not seen by the villagers for quite some time, but one day, he was spotted by a young girl while he was sitting on the edge on town, all by himself, dejected.

The young girl had heard about him, but never reallly met him. So, she stops and asks, "Are you Pierre, the....."

Suddenly, Pierre jumps up and states, "Dat's enuff!! I can't take no more! Now, evun dee yung ones call me dat name, and id's just not fair, id's just not fair."

He starts to reminisce: "I builded twenty bridges in dis town, and do dey call me 'Pierre, dee bridge buildair'? Non!! I build fifteen schools for deese peoples, and do dey call me 'Pierre dee school builder'? Non!! I builded ten churches, and do dey call me 'Pierre, de church builder'? Non!!...But, suck one cock...."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts