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Sydney Motorcycle Show

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I had the opportunity to attend the Sydney MC Show on Saturday as I had a day to kill after a Forum before flying home.
It was great fun and I took lots of photos for the blokes at home.
I guess I was like a wide-eyed kid in a lolly shop :shock:

Got talking to stall holders and checked out some inter-com info for us to install between the bikes. Bought some bikie girl/chick t-shirts and sat on lotsa different bikes that we don't ever get to see up here. :D
Spotted a replica of our bikes out in the parking area.
All in all - great day.

cheers :ale:
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Don't know what sort of intercom you had in mind, but my wife and I have Blueant units which work equally well bike to bike as well as bike to pillion. Being wireless it is no hassle changing over. Bike to bike has very good line-of-sight reception of around 100m. Only buildings stuff it up if there is one between you. They can be used individually to connect to a Bluetooth phone. Can't be used in multi-bike applications though. You need two units @$249 ea for intercom use, or one unit for rider to phone.
P.S. No, I have no commercial interest in these units!!
Thanks for the comms info, Micko - we don't have many buildings to get between us up here :crylarf: - so will look into it all.

The blokes here enjoyed the photos of the Show.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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