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State of Origin 2009

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Below is a picture of my new FJR, any ideas for the next SoO?

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moose said:
I was thinking ahead a little as "control freaks" tend to do a lot :shock: .......

My count has it at 28 humans....not counting Coaster who I assumed would return home that night?

Moose :ale:
Good thinking, Moose, but remeber to ask if the have a food hopper out back for our mascot Moose (or is he somehow included in the head count for the 28 humans :mrgreen: )
Belly and JWM how about the pie shop at Heatherbrae
shoey said:
Belly and JWM how about the pie shop at Heatherbrae
No lets leave it as is Maccas. Too many choices will only lead to a stuffup
See you there
We don't have to eat there Ernie, just pick up Belly. perhaps just a ride through and if you want to stop further up, that is open to negotiation. Although it appears that you are the rider leader and can dictate when nd where we stop. :lol: :lol:
Here's details for Saturday. This is not a formal ride with a ride leader and TEC - it's a group of people out riding coincidentally to the same destinations.

At 0830 all riders, attired in their new shirts, assemble with their bikes for inspection by the Moosenator :twisted: - remember the piccies last time of all the bikes in a straight line. Well, that doesn't just happen :D :D

We'll head on out at 9, so there is plenty of time for breakfast before we head out. Also, we won't be waiting for guys to fill up on Saturday morning - do that the day before. Waiting to get 20 bikes filled can take a while.

First 'official' stop is the lookout at the end of Mountain Top Rd although some may stop earlier for piccies at roadside waterfalls. This is 4 or 5 k's before Dorrigo on the left - turn left into Maynards Plains Rd the left again into Mountain Top Rd. The lookout is at the end of the road - about 2 k's.

Next stop is Dorrigo Rainforest Centre also about 4 or 5 k's before Dorrigo but on the right - watch for the signs. There is a treetop lookout and other interesting stuff. Then through Dorrigo and on up the Waterfall Way to the Ebor Falls, which is just through the little village of Ebor, on the right.

Next stop is Wollomombi Falls, on the left, shortly after - you guessed it, Wollomombi! Are beginning to see why this road is called the Waterfall Way :mrgreen:

This is a fairly sedate morning, with plenty of leg-stretches for pillions. Then it's on to lunch at Armidale. I wanted to avoid the town centre, so on the recommendation of Rev lunch will be split across 2 hotels The White Bull (hotel) in Marsh St. & The Wicklow Hotel cnr. of Marsh and Dumaresq St. Rev says "Both are good and easy to find though the Wicklow may be quicker with the food. If coming from Dorrigo/Ebor then when you hit the first traffic lights in Armidale, just turn right and you see them on your right. White Bull first and one block later the Wicklow."

After lunch the options are to head back the same way - very scenic, or to head north on the New England Highway to Guyra, then east to Ebor. This is a road with some wide open spaces, and some in the know will take this route back to Ebor, then down to Dorrigo and back to Bellingen.

This days ride is not as long as the Casino or previous Dorrigo rides, but is very scenic and if it is over too soon, head on down to the Pacific Highway and back again.

Anyone planning to get there on Saturday can aim to meet us at Armidale for lunch.
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All set for tomorrow. Meet you at Heatherbray macas around 8.45

See you there Belly. ErnieS, I will see you at Macca's at Narellan before 6am. if you need me I can be reached on my mobile, I will be off line after this post as I am spending the night at a friends house at Narellan.

Ride safely one and all.
It seems that everyone is here,except those that aren't here yet. Here's the first piccies:
Black always looks good - stopped for lunch in Dorrigo

The view from the back of the motel room

Some of the 'suspects'

And the Moroccan FJR of 'Not so Fast Devil'

This is all really a test to see how acessing the forum on the road is working. More later.
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david1300 said:
The view from the back of the motel room
Looks like a lovely place to stay! 8)

david1300 said:
This is all really a test to see how acessing the forum on the road is working. More later.
Looks okay from up here! :ale:
Still testing.

Today was the SoO ride. Everyone lined up at 8:15 for the pre-ride piccies

and the girls

Great time, great people, great dinner tonight - more to follow later.
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Great weekend. Fantastic ride and fantastic company. What more could you want.

Thanks to the Moose and David for organising the weekend. This one was the best yet.

I still managed to get lost though and while others were back at the Motel having a cold one I was making my way back from up North, along way North, even farther North then my map could display. Yes Roughly 100km Type North.

See I overtook Alan going down the mountain and was having sooooo much fun on the twisty road I missed the turn off back to Dorrigo. Some 80km later I thought this road dose not look familiar, and what happened to the D 70, 60 40 30 km signs. Some one has replaced them with a G 60. 50 and so on. Now that was not such a problem however the fuel light had been flickering for 54km and I still had 40 to go to ANY TOWN. I rode at 90kph to conserve fuel and other then a couple of stutters going around a few corners my trusty Effy got me there.

I found a great piece of road heading back to Dorrigo, a meandering $40 $50 type road, I was almost glad I got lost.

Again thanks to everyone involved had a fabulous weekend
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I'm home also, got home at 4.40pm via Armidale, Uralla, Walcha (Thunderbolts Way), Gloucester (Bucketts Way), Dungog, Singelton (Putty Road), Richmond. 747klms for the day, 1631klms for the weekend. Karl thanks for the company today, you should have come down the Putty Road with me, you would have enjoyed playing with the for the sports bikes. :lol: :lol:.
Thanks everyone for a great weekend, have we started organising the next one as yet? :D :D

Now all I have to do is get the time to remove the dead bird from behind the dash. :( :(
People are posting mostly over on the Australian forum, here:

So follow this link for more piccies and comments.
SOOG 2009

Thank you to all that made it to this years turn out, and of coursse to David and Simon for their organisation.

While I may no longer ride an FJR I value the associations that have been forged over the years that I rode my Silver '03. We had a good trip back and progressively peeled off layers of clothing as the temperature rose. A spirited sprint through from Murwillumbah to Currumbin put an edge on the tyres and helped to round off some of the flat spotting that highway running creates.

Our next trip is to Phillip Island in October, which is now only about six weeks away.

:D Better late than never, We got the shirts, and FINALLY got the right bike :lol:

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Hay "Not so Fastdevil."
Are You back to being a "FASTDEVIL" again. :ale:
Great to see.
Now that's a nice bike Phil! Congrats on the new machine mate :ale: That is my favourite colour too. Hope to catch up for a blast soon mate. I suppose we'll give it a few weeks until you get used to real speed and power again.

Moose :ale:
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