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State of Origin 2009

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Below is a picture of my new FJR, any ideas for the next SoO?

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Count us in!

Hi all

David alerted me to the next SOO ride and I have done a quick check on Google Translation. It seems that BMW trnslates loosely from the original Bavarian as FJR, so we are along for the ride.

Accommodation booked and looking forward to a great weekend.

Gavin and Kerrie
Thats good news Gav,

I did a quick search on google too... :shock: My computer translated non-FJR (BMW) at 2009 SoS as ..."Du must zie die beer kaupfen fur die FJR uber-menshen!!" (you must buy beer for other FJR riders).

Look forward to catchin up :wink:

Moose :ale:
Gav - great news. Will be good to have another 'I used to own a FJR' rider along so Phil doesn't feel too alone. Looking forward to seeing you and Kerrie again :D
No worries Moose, Wayne Baker and I are booked in for the weekend. I haven't heard from Karl as yet. Hello Belly, we will be leaving Sydney About 6am, if you are interested in tagging along when we get to Newcastle, let me know and we'll set up a meeting place.
Regards Ernie :ale:
Well you better add Lois & myself to the list

Will be leaving around midday friday

This is the shirt style for this years State of Origin. The colour is Black/Red:

and for the ladies

Sizing details can be seen here:

The cost per shirt, including the embroidered logo, with your name or nickname, is $40.00 including GST (awaiting confirmation - it may be less, hopefully as low as $35). This gives an idea of what the embroidered logo will look like:

Postage, if required, will be extra. I aim to take the shirts with me, or if there are too many, they will be mailed ahead to the motel.

Orders will need to be in by Sunday 26 July. Ordering details will follow.
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Shirt prices are in. The cost is $33.20 plus GST = $36.52

Please place orders as follows:

Either list your requirements on this thread, or PM me your order. Check the website for sizing. You will note that the fashion committee has selected a very slimming style designed to show of your manly physique to it's very best.

When I receive your order I'll advise by PM how to pay. Credit card payments will be available at a cost of $37.00 per shirt, and tax invoices are also available for those who want them (the shirts are bought and sold at cost through our company).

Orders must be in by Sunday 26 July to guarantee delivery at the SoO ride.
PM sent, thank you David. And congratulations on what looks like being a very successful SOO. Well Done
shoey said:
No worries Moose, Wayne Baker and I are booked in for the weekend. I haven't heard from Karl as yet. Hello Belly, we will be leaving Sydney About 6am, if you are interested in tagging along when we get to Newcastle, let me know and we'll set up a meeting place.
Regards Ernie :ale:
Booked in for Friday. Nothing available for Saturday. (Slack arse me.) so I may have to play that one by ear
Shoey Yer sounds ok. Which way are you going to go. let me know so I can hook up with you lot.
There will be two of us on FJRs
Any idea where the ride is going on saturday.
Waterfall I guess ??
Belly, we will ride up Waterfall Way to Armidale, stopping at the lookout near Dorrigo, and at the waterfalls along the way. After lunch at Armidale those needing to blow away a few cobwebs will head up to Guyra then back to Dorrigo, others may take a more leisurely ride back down the Waterfall Way. Route details will be posted later, together with estimated times to enable late arrivals to find the group.
Belly, there is a pub and a caravan park in town, have sent you a PM with the details. I have also sent Shoey a message indicating that another group of FJR riders is leaving from Narellan at about 5.30am on the Friday and suggesting we might meet up and ride up together. Cheers.
You going the Putty to singleton. Which way are you going from there
Thanks for the Accomodation info I will check it out
Belly, there has been a change of plans since the post concerning The Putty Road and I am now meeting up with Shoey or ErnieS (depending on which forum your on) at Narellan and going straight up the Coast. Apparently 3 of us are leaving from Narellan, picking up Karl at Hornsby and then going straight up the coast to Belligen. Talking to Shoey tonight, we are leaving Narellan at about 6am, I guess that should get us to the Newcastle area at about 8.30 or so. How does that work for you.
Yes that sounds ok.
I could meet you at the BIG Roundabout at the Raymond Terrace Turnoff
Do you know the one I mean. Just after Heatherbray
Say 8:45am Or if you want a coffee we could meet at the Heatherbray Macca's.
Let me know
Belly, I think that will work. If we're not there by that time we won't be far away. If anything changes I will be in touch.
Which spot Maccas or the roundabout. Maccas for coffee I think would be best
I was thinking ahead a little as "control freaks" tend to do a lot :shock: and was contemplating feeding the masses on the Friday and Saturday evenings. I have eaten at the Federal hotel's pretty spiffy and the food is good too. I guess it's the only place big enough to be able to cater for our group in one sitting. There is also a realy great Thai restaurant there...but don't think it's big enough for our hurd :oops:

I'll make some enquiries with regards to making a booking for our group....not sure on exact numbers as yet. If everyone is happy for a mass feed at the Federal hotel...I'll go ahead and get them to book us in for the Saturday night proposed SoO meal.....What do you guys think of that?

My count has it at 28 humans....not counting Coaster who I assumed would return home that night?

Moose :ale:
Look forward to catchin up BellY....Last time I met you was for the I have a Dream ride here in QLD. Ride safe guys and look forward to seeing the rest of you guys (alive!!!) too.

We should be arriving at Bellingen around 3-4 O'clock ish. We might have enough time to ride to never-never-creek in the afternoon.

Moose :ale:
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