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State of Origin 2009

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Below is a picture of my new FJR, any ideas for the next SoO?

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Excellent David, will be there with bells on. Kept looking on the AUST site :? , lucky I took a punt and checked this site :D . Looking forward to a great ride and a few cold ales :ale: :ale: :ale:
Regards Ernie.
Thanks Moose I better change my day off when I go to work tomorrow :roll: Looking forward to seeing every one. :ale:
No worries Moose, Wayne Baker and I are booked in for the weekend. I haven't heard from Karl as yet. Hello Belly, we will be leaving Sydney About 6am, if you are interested in tagging along when we get to Newcastle, let me know and we'll set up a meeting place.
Regards Ernie :ale:
Belly and JWM how about the pie shop at Heatherbrae
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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