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State of Origin 2009

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Below is a picture of my new FJR, any ideas for the next SoO?

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How about Silverdale, NSW.

I fugure if you Qld'ers think that is a new FJR that you can be conned into anything.
I've pencilled it in the diary, hopefully I will be able to advise my attendance closer to the date.
All locked in, booked my accommodation today, a budget room at $65. Will be travelling up on the Friday, leaving Western Sydney at about 6am. Not sure at this stage which way I will travelling, Putty Road or Freeway but company is welcome.This will be my 4th SOO (Dorrigo, Crescent Head & Uralla) but it has been a few years since the last one I attended and looking forward to catching up with people.
PM sent, thank you David. And congratulations on what looks like being a very successful SOO. Well Done
Belly, there is a pub and a caravan park in town, have sent you a PM with the details. I have also sent Shoey a message indicating that another group of FJR riders is leaving from Narellan at about 5.30am on the Friday and suggesting we might meet up and ride up together. Cheers.
Belly, there has been a change of plans since the post concerning The Putty Road and I am now meeting up with Shoey or ErnieS (depending on which forum your on) at Narellan and going straight up the Coast. Apparently 3 of us are leaving from Narellan, picking up Karl at Hornsby and then going straight up the coast to Belligen. Talking to Shoey tonight, we are leaving Narellan at about 6am, I guess that should get us to the Newcastle area at about 8.30 or so. How does that work for you.
Belly, I think that will work. If we're not there by that time we won't be far away. If anything changes I will be in touch.
We don't have to eat there Ernie, just pick up Belly. perhaps just a ride through and if you want to stop further up, that is open to negotiation. Although it appears that you are the rider leader and can dictate when nd where we stop. :lol: :lol:
See you there Belly. ErnieS, I will see you at Macca's at Narellan before 6am. if you need me I can be reached on my mobile, I will be off line after this post as I am spending the night at a friends house at Narellan.

Ride safely one and all.
I'm home also, got home at 4.40pm via Armidale, Uralla, Walcha (Thunderbolts Way), Gloucester (Bucketts Way), Dungog, Singelton (Putty Road), Richmond. 747klms for the day, 1631klms for the weekend. Karl thanks for the company today, you should have come down the Putty Road with me, you would have enjoyed playing with the for the sports bikes. :lol: :lol:.
Thanks everyone for a great weekend, have we started organising the next one as yet? :D :D

Now all I have to do is get the time to remove the dead bird from behind the dash. :( :(
1 - 11 of 57 Posts
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