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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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2008 SoO Ride

Hi there Karl, I will be leaving on thursday morning with another rider. I will Email you and we can work out the details if you want. :D
I've checked it several times, Sydney to Casino is 740klms via the Pacific Hwy or about 8hrs 30minutes. Any variation through the New England area will only make it longer.
I've emailed Karl and told him my plans, unfortunately there is no way that I can leave before the Friday morning. It will be a long day but by going the direct route (boring route) it shouldn't be too tiring. Planning on leaving home about 6am, allowing for a couple of breaks enroute, we should arrive at Casino by 4pm.

thanks for the invite, Shoey. I'd be delighted to join you at any place that is convenient for you. I guess the New England route may be a little ambitious in one day, especially if we are riding on Friday Sat and Sunday as well....

However, I'm up for any route that you choose.

Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready. In the meantime, here is a website bit of sillyness that you all might find amusing.

Best Regards
Not long now guys.

We'll be leaving sunny Ipswich around 9'ish on the Friday. We're going via Boonah, Rathdowney, Border Ranges via the Summerland Way to Grevillia, Roseberry, Kyogle and into Casino.

If anyone is interested in riding to Casino together let me know. We can meet at Yamanto Macca's around 9 AM for coffee and breakfast and leave from there.

David, Any idea on how many FJRians will be there at this years SoO?

See Youz there :ale:
Moose, we are planning to get there around midday or soon after. I may take a run up to Tenterfield and back in the afternoon, just because I really like that road.

As regards numbers, I have ordered 10 mens shirts and 3 ladies shirts, but I do know of a few coming that have not ordered shirts. This is as big a group as we probably want.

Guys who have been on previous SoO rides know that the numbers are not as important to us as the quality of the companionship, and the ride on Saturday. Sometimes the Saturday ride is a bit of a 'coffee cruise', but usually it is a 'great bike experience'. This SoO route will have a bit of both - there will be stops along the way to stretch, but it will be far more of a 'hustle' than a 'cruise'.

We have had a few (very few) that, after the Saturday ride, have said 'never again'. That's cool - that's their choice and we don't want anyone pushing themselves too hard, too fast, or too far. We have not had any bike damage on a SoO and we want to keep it that way. We've also never received any performance awards, although we have probably qualified for a few. Also, everyone will know the 'regroup-points' and the way home (including shortcuts), so if any pillion is suffering sore knees, her rider can leave the group and head back to base. No shame in looking after your pillion (and yourself).

The ride will have parts of everything - some of the best bike roads in Australia (and some of the worst - how can they build road that bad), some great views that will stop and look at and say 'wow!', and some twisty bits that some people have been known to turn around and ride a second time.
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Just an update on the planned ride route for Saturday. There will be 3 options: the full route (about 450k's), a shorter version of this same route (about 350k's), a ride out and meet us option of (230 to 300k's depending on meeting point). To whet your appetite, here is the long option:
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And some info for those who might be geting there early. The motel is in the main street in Casino, just north of the town centre - see the following map:

We are planning to get there midday or thereabouts on Friday. On the map I have noted the nearest hotel/sports bar (we'll see if we can book an upstairs table there for Saturday night), and also the RSL - both walking distance.

Down the main road, past Maccas, there are other hotels/restaurants, and also in Walker Street, I think.

For those who get there early, we are thinking of a Friday afternoon ride up to Tenterfield. My mobile is 0418 787869 so anyone can leave a message if they need to.
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The shirts are ready and being collected tomorrow morning, AND

I have had a last minute request for a shirt from someone who missed the ordering deadline, so when I collect them tomorrow morning I am going to see if I can get two more shirts ordered.

If you haven't yet ordered, you have until 7:30 tomorrow morning to let me know your size and name, and I'll ask and see if I can get them done.
SOO but not really

I am continuously getting different advice on what tyre pressure to put in the tyres on my 07 FJR.
Can anyone out there enlighten me? i have two panniers and i'm just over 100 kilograms.
current advice is 42psi per tyre.

Karl, in my view your current advice is just fine. When I'm solo, I'll run 40/40 (F/R) to 40/42; and when loaded 42/42. In my experience on the FJR a bit harder is better than a bit softer (which, incidentally, is exactly what the actress said to the bishop) :mrgreen:

Nice maps and Google Earth thingy....can you do something with your magic box for the weather forecast mate? I also would like to know what pressure altitudes we'll be running at so I can adjust my special fuel injected super cooled linear valve body agitators for the local conditions please :crylarf:

The ride looks great mate, plenty of picture opportunities too. I look forward to catching up guys :ale:

Your ride to Tenterfield looks good too David. We'll come along with you if thats OK. We'll be getting to Casino about 11 O'clock on Friday....check-in and get ready to join you.

Howdy All,

Bloddy hell, where has this year gone... Thought i would check to see whats happening.. Eeek, its the w/e after next...

Anyway, I will be there. :) For those leavig accommodation to the last minute like me, the Milgate Motel is booked out Saturday night...

I have rang a couple of places :

Clydsedale 02 6662 5982 $92 night

River Park 02 6662 2999 $89

Squatters 02 6662 3888 $79 ( I will be staying here, just spoke to David, this is the 'overflow' form the othe rmotel apparently)

Moose - I will meet you at Maccas Yamanto for 9
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Atlas, glad you're making it. Looks like we'll have a few for the Friday afternoon ride to Tenterfield, too. Lets make a provisional meeting point at Macca's to leave from there at 1:30 (this may be updated, so watch the site)

There may be as many as 15 bikes on Saturday, and we'll have 2 or 3 'loose' groups who will look out for each other, all meeting at the same stops for coffee, lunch, etc. I'll be looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to be 'mother hen' for each group to just keep headcounts at regroup points, so we all stay in touch.

I've collected the shirts (piccie later) and ordered the late ones, which they say I can collect next Thursday (I'm mailing the carton on ahead - too many to carry on the day).

I have PM'd everybody with payment options, but am not sure if the PM's went through (sentbox was full, and they are all sitting in my Outbox).

Anyway, this was the message:


Shirts are collected.

Cost is $35 each shirt, and payment options are:
Cash on the day (no change given), or
Credit card. For this option you must pay by Wednesday 2 April, by calling Kate on (07) (xxxx PM me for the number) and say you are paying for the FJR shirt - give your name and nickname. I'll have your receipt with the shirt at the SoO.

Look forward to seeing you there,


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Just back from 8 days away on a cruise and carrying about an extra 2 kgs (moderate estimate on my part :lol: ). Just caught up on all the news on this thread and raring to go. Unfortunately I still can't leave until the Friday and still won't be there until hopefully 4pm.
Sorry guys but an unexpected commitment means that I am going to have to cancel my attendance at the 2008 SOO. Unfortunately there is just no way around this issue.
I currently still have a room booked at designated Motel at casion if anybody is looking for accomodation. I will wait until tomorrow morning before cancelling.
David, I have emailed you in relation to the shirt I have ordered.
Good'ay David, the Saturday run looks super. Iwill also be joining you for the friday arvo run. Great to see such a good rollup. Counting down the days :D
See you all soon,
Just to whet you collective appetite's a little more. I checked out a short part of the route today, and this is the profile of that section:

And a reminder to Queenslanders - NSW is still on daylight saving time.

Some more planning info: the planned start for Saturdays ride will be at 8:30am, and there will be a fuel stop about 170k's into the ride.

If anyone want GPS route files PM me with your email address and I can send them on to you.
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You still doing macca's @ 9am ?
Hey Atlas,

I'll meet you at Yamanto McDonalds at 9 am. Rod, Rico and Jody might also meet us there. We'll ride onto Rathdowney to meet Peter and Lois there around 1015 ish. Then onto Casino for the biggest SoO in the world!

We'll see you there :ale:
I've just received a call from Mark at the Millgate Motel, saying he has had 2 cancellations (not SoO related) so he has 2 rooms available for Friday and Saturday nights. He will hold them for 24 hours for the FJR SoO group. So if anyone needs a room at Millgate, get calling. Number is listed earlier in the thread.
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