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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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Not sure about the SOO for 2008, will have to play it by ear. We have just paid for a cruise which goes from 18-26/3/08 - 2 weeks off. Plus I am hoping to do the Superbikes again in early March- another 2 or 3 days off work.

My boss is already shaking her head at me and asking, "How casual can a casual employee actually be". Would I dare ask for more time off?
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Jwm Dont worry next time he asks how casual a casual can be just ask him to make you permanent employee then you can show him the answer which he is seeking
Hello All,

We too are coming for the next SoO. Sounds real good David and Phil.

Look forward to catching up real soon! Between work, trips and broken computers, I have not had the time to even scratch myself or go for a ride. Come on the Christmas holidays. :ale:
Have you guys seen the new Aussie FJR Owners site? Looks like it could really take off too.

Moose :ale:
Hi everyone, I have booked my room now the wait begins. I hope the resent floods don't do too much damage to the roads. see you all there. :ale: Ernie
Now that I'm back (and hopefully the weather clears soon) I'll be checking out the route before the dates, just to acquaint myself with new and unforeseen hazards.
Hi David, good to see you back onboard. Regina and I had made a decision that we would attend the SOO but in the last few days I have been offered a very tempting full time position back in the work force. I will be making a decision within the next week.
If I take the position hopefully I can negotiate the day off that i require for the trip (the Friday). If I decided to retain my current casual employment status I will book the motel in the next few days.
Jwm - aren't decisions just a pain sometimes. I hope that whatever your decision is we do catch up at SoO - maybe you can get the day (or two?) off that you need.

There is a word for your situation mate....

I look forward to catching up with you at casino...and then we can have a laugh with what story you made up :crylarf:
Chronic Diarrhoea always works well for me.....and to make it very realistic...and to make it look real....Wednesday arvo fake a few trips to the loo....complain a lot about sore stomach....cold sweats...increase the frequency of toilet visits....ring in Thursday morning....tell em you've been up all night...and you get Thursday off as well. I'm pretty sure you don't need a doctors certificate if you have 2 days off if it is not a Friday and a Monday together.

See ya there mate :wink:

Moose :ale:

p.s. Welcome back home David and Zea :D
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State of Origin, Casino 2008

I've booked, and excited to attend. Anyone else travelling up from Sydney on the Friday?
Karl McPhee
I have this date also booked a room for myself and Regina. The work situation is still unresolved at this time but I'm pretty positive we will make it one way or another.

Karl, we will be travelling up on the Friday. Details, time, route etc are undecided at this time. I just checked and I still have your email address from the Dubbo Trip we did with Yamaha Tribe in May 2006. I will be in touch.
Hi All,

Long time no see... :)

Put me down. Look forward to catching up. :ale:
It has been very quiet her fellas...any updates for the SoO? Not that far away now :shock: Look forward to catching up guys.

Is there anything I can do to help organise stuff David?

Moose, you must have been reading my mind :mrgreen: I have just surfaced from a very busy work-month, and will be posting details of shirts and how to order within the next week.
If you haven't yet booked, time is running out. This could be the best FJR-specific get-together and ride of the year.

Time to order shirts, for those who want them. Remember that this is the 5th annual State of Origin get together, and the shirts are only available by pre-order. The style selected is:
Ladies: lady/index.htm

In both cases the colour is Black-Ashe-White.

The cost per shirt, including the embroidered logo, with your name or nickname, is $35.00 including GST. This gives an idea of what the embroidered logo will look like:

Postage, if required, will be extra. I aim to take the shirts with me, or if there are too many, they will be mailed ahead to the motel.

I need to know quantaties and sizes by Sunday. Please post details here, or PM me with your details. I'll contact you to arrange payment options.
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Thanks all who have PM'd their shirt orders. For those not yet decided, don't miss it - you can only get it this once. :wink:
route from Sydney

Does anyone have a view about which route is better from Sydney: the pacific highway or new england highway then bruxner? My gut feeling tells me that there are less police on the new england and bruxner. But the Pacific looks shorter. I'll be travelling on the Thursday.
Karl McPhee
Depends on whether the Pacific is still considered to be Russian Roulette.

When we lived at RAAF Williamtown (Newcastle), there was a serious accident or death on the Pacific Hwy EVERY weekend. I just hope they have improved that road, and given it the status it is a national highway after all.

Ride safe everyone.
Karl, I think the Pacific is shorter, but a few suggestions I have are:
From Coffs to Grafton take the back road (via Nana Glen). It's about the same distance, but just far more scenic and relaxing (less traffic)
From Grafton head straight up the Summerland Way to Casino. It's 100k's easily doable in an hour.

Maybe JWM will have some thoughts - he's from Sydney.

If I was doing it I would probably take the New England to Armidale, then head down to Grafton (Waterfall Way, etc) then Summerland Way. Not sure of the distance, but would include some great riding.
Karl, this would be my overall suggested route if 'best riding' was the objective, and you had the time:

Google Earth gives it as 620k's from where the highways split to Casino. The last section, from Grafton to Casino (The Summerland Way), does not come up on most Australian mapping systems for some reason. They often route you along the Pacific Highway.

The Pacific Highway route is about 560k's, but all along the Pac HWay, except after Coffs, as shown below:
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thanks Dave


thank you for the map. i now see where you meant. i didn't realise that you could go to Grafton from Arimidale that way. i thought just Dorrigo. I did find the Summerland way on Where is, eventually.

I think I'll take that route on the thursday, and join you fine young men on the Friday for more!!

I'm very familiar with the Gloucestor - Walcha ride. We go to Ginger's Creek quite often for an overnight stay.

It would be nice if there were someone out there who could join me on the Thursday. Would be safer to have a companion.

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