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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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SoO 2008

Hi there David, and Fast Devel, Kyogle sounds like a top place to be. I will certainly be looking forward to another adventure with you all. David I have finished my trailer finally. Will try to work out how to post some photos on site.
Hi everyone, I have booked my room now the wait begins. I hope the resent floods don't do too much damage to the roads. see you all there. :ale: Ernie
2008 SoO Ride

Hi there Karl, I will be leaving on thursday morning with another rider. I will Email you and we can work out the details if you want. :D
Good'ay David, the Saturday run looks super. Iwill also be joining you for the friday arvo run. Great to see such a good rollup. Counting down the days :D
See you all soon,
SoO 2008

Good to hear everyone arrived home safely. I got back home at 3-30pm today. Had a fantastic weekend, was a pleasure to meet everyone thank you all for your great company. Well done David, will send you my pics soon. When I was in Warick I found out one of my mates up there just bought a new blue FJR so I told him to contact you (David). Look forward to more riding with you guys, and of course several ales :ale: My total Klms 2650. catch up soon.
state of Origin 2008

Hi David, apologies for being late my photos will be in the post 1st thing tomorrow. :oops:
1 - 6 of 96 Posts
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