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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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State of Origin, Casino 2008

I've booked, and excited to attend. Anyone else travelling up from Sydney on the Friday?
Karl McPhee
route from Sydney

Does anyone have a view about which route is better from Sydney: the pacific highway or new england highway then bruxner? My gut feeling tells me that there are less police on the new england and bruxner. But the Pacific looks shorter. I'll be travelling on the Thursday.
Karl McPhee
thanks Dave


thank you for the map. i now see where you meant. i didn't realise that you could go to Grafton from Arimidale that way. i thought just Dorrigo. I did find the Summerland way on Where is, eventually.

I think I'll take that route on the thursday, and join you fine young men on the Friday for more!!

I'm very familiar with the Gloucestor - Walcha ride. We go to Ginger's Creek quite often for an overnight stay.

It would be nice if there were someone out there who could join me on the Thursday. Would be safer to have a companion.

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thanks for the invite, Shoey. I'd be delighted to join you at any place that is convenient for you. I guess the New England route may be a little ambitious in one day, especially if we are riding on Friday Sat and Sunday as well....

However, I'm up for any route that you choose.

Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready. In the meantime, here is a website bit of sillyness that you all might find amusing.

Best Regards
SOO but not really

I am continuously getting different advice on what tyre pressure to put in the tyres on my 07 FJR.
Can anyone out there enlighten me? i have two panniers and i'm just over 100 kilograms.
current advice is 42psi per tyre.

got home tired but elated

Great pictures, thanks David. i've got a few to share. not sure how to post them on this site. Instructions?
i decided to be daring and took the Grafton - Armidale route. it was fantastic! i bounded along and found myself in Armidale by 11am. Then the bit of highway down Uralla (20ks) at 100kph was too much for me to bear. The pertrol station girl told me that the New England is the most policed highway in NSW.
With all of this in my mind, i decided to head for Walcha, and thence the trip down to Gloucestor! it was magnificent. So all in all, i've had a great trip home, and a marvellous stay in Casino. Thanks, everybody. i had a wonderful break. And i've kept your marvellous map, David.
Can't wait for next year!!

Karl caught unawares

I do have to say in my defence, having committed a breach of Aesthetic Grandeur, that the pictures were taken without my consent, and published without my knowledge.

What i can say in my defence is that where i come from, all the men are fat, and the women are skinny. And that's not a bad way for things to be, from my perspective.

And another thing. That ugly lard on my stomach was put there by many many fine restaurants around the world, and a great deal of fine wine.

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