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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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Hello All,

We too are coming for the next SoO. Sounds real good David and Phil.

Look forward to catching up real soon! Between work, trips and broken computers, I have not had the time to even scratch myself or go for a ride. Come on the Christmas holidays. :ale:
Have you guys seen the new Aussie FJR Owners site? Looks like it could really take off too.

Moose :ale:

There is a word for your situation mate....

I look forward to catching up with you at casino...and then we can have a laugh with what story you made up :crylarf:
Chronic Diarrhoea always works well for me.....and to make it very realistic...and to make it look real....Wednesday arvo fake a few trips to the loo....complain a lot about sore stomach....cold sweats...increase the frequency of toilet visits....ring in Thursday morning....tell em you've been up all night...and you get Thursday off as well. I'm pretty sure you don't need a doctors certificate if you have 2 days off if it is not a Friday and a Monday together.

See ya there mate :wink:

Moose :ale:

p.s. Welcome back home David and Zea :D
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It has been very quiet her fellas...any updates for the SoO? Not that far away now :shock: Look forward to catching up guys.

Is there anything I can do to help organise stuff David?

Not long now guys.

We'll be leaving sunny Ipswich around 9'ish on the Friday. We're going via Boonah, Rathdowney, Border Ranges via the Summerland Way to Grevillia, Roseberry, Kyogle and into Casino.

If anyone is interested in riding to Casino together let me know. We can meet at Yamanto Macca's around 9 AM for coffee and breakfast and leave from there.

David, Any idea on how many FJRians will be there at this years SoO?

See Youz there :ale:

Nice maps and Google Earth thingy....can you do something with your magic box for the weather forecast mate? I also would like to know what pressure altitudes we'll be running at so I can adjust my special fuel injected super cooled linear valve body agitators for the local conditions please :crylarf:

The ride looks great mate, plenty of picture opportunities too. I look forward to catching up guys :ale:

Your ride to Tenterfield looks good too David. We'll come along with you if thats OK. We'll be getting to Casino about 11 O'clock on Friday....check-in and get ready to join you.

Hey Atlas,

I'll meet you at Yamanto McDonalds at 9 am. Rod, Rico and Jody might also meet us there. We'll ride onto Rathdowney to meet Peter and Lois there around 1015 ish. Then onto Casino for the biggest SoO in the world!

We'll see you there :ale:
for those riding down to Casino with us...see you at 9am at the Yamanto McDonalds. Our plan is to leave soon after 9am and meet Peterpan at Rathdowney. From there we'll cross the border ranges and ride to Casino. Hopefully we'll get there in time to ride to Tenterfield in the afternoon.

David...would you please wait for us mate? I know a few of us are keen to join you and the others. The GPS says it's about 220Km's from Ippy to Casino....should do it in about 3 hrs (plenty of twisties on the way).

See you all there when the South meets the North for SoO '08.

My number is 0411260990.

Moose :ale:
Blah Blah Blah

(sorry I wanted to clock up 300 posts)

and now I did it :oops:
What a wonderfull weekend away! We had a great time together thanks guys. here are some of the pix we got......

Ooooohhhhh Sexy curves on them there bikes.

This year we managed to get a full compliment of silver FJR' black ones :crylarf:

The mighty "EeeRRRrrrr-SUX Kwakasucki" vs Real bike with psych out brake lights :twisted:

Mr & Mrs McMoose on the loose

Action K-mart poses from the bunch

"Smile Karl....You are on candid camera!!!"

I think we should run a "Caption" competition for this one....I'm speechless.

Thank you everyone for making this SoO excellent. A special thanks to David and Phill for all their hard work in organising this special time. Riding home via Lions road today just topped it off!

p.s. We did stop at Boonah and settled our forgotten bill!! :oops:

MooSe :ale:
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I can see the similarity ...but is the picture of the top guy with the beard a body double of David...only much, much fatter?

Watch what you eat David...or else you could morphe into the top guy :shock:

sorry I had to expose you Karl.... :crylarf:

Moose :D
These guys are upto something....wonder what?

Thats right!! Phillip Island here we come!! The bald boys are going on a most excellent adventure!!
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