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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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Liquidsilver said:
It's okay Karl... it's just that we didn't want Pluric getting all hot and bothered. 8)

Too late Liquid, I'm way ahead of you......

Oh yeah, hey Liquid I almost forgot, you may kiss my....

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I didn't even see the page 5 photos. Hmmmm, I really like the
shot of the back side of the guy in the middle....

That's a great Tattoo!

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Opps, me thinks I was censored on that last photo post.
My apologies to all. Got a little carried away for not being in
the Playground and not knowing the people involved.

I will take a self imposed 10 day banishment from this site.
(Okay so it is a coincidence that I will be out of town)
1 - 3 of 96 Posts
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