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State of Origin - 2008

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NT Girl, thought I would kick this thread of for you. :D
So any one interested in slipping into the NT for a ride and :ale: ?
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Hey that sounds like a plan...bit longer than a weekend though...

I am planning on around Aus trip Mar 2009, so this would be a good test ride up that way...
Hi there everyone,

Sorry - been away on work biz and very busy in the clinic at the moment -so haven't been on "FJR's" for a while.

YES - thank you fastdevil - it's on for young and old for SoONT 08 - we have plenty of camping space, concrete floors and beer here, and there are pubs and caravan parks in town that have camping space and cabins.

Thought sometime in June/July is best. Heavy tourist season as far as accom is concerned, but everyone moves on and it's just a matter of booking early.

As a family, we are more available and flexible from about June 20 to July 20-ish - as it's school holidays for John and the boys. I can apply for leave basically any time during that stretch.

We have been exploring some rides and places on the bikes - a few good tourist things to see and do. I rode past a small MB group touring through the other day as I was on my way to work - we all waved etc, and I was sorely tempted to wag work for the day and go touring with them! :roll: :p

We've been really enjoying the FJR riding - sure is good. We sold the YZF 1000 and I saw it going into town the other day - the new owner is enjoying it now which is great.

SoONT08 - go for it - see you then.

cheersssss :ale: :ale:
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It's Official!
State of Origin 2008 will be in Kyogle, Nothern NSW.
A date to be decided sometime around April - May.
The agenda is much the same as previous SoO meets, meet and greet on the Friday :ale:
Saturdays ride will be taking in some of the best riding on offer in SE Qld, over the mountains, across the dales and some very impressive "private roads", about 450km's worth!
Then of course the offical dinner Saturday night.
Myself and David will slip down to Kyogle and check out the accomadation, and will post details here as soon as we can.
There will be the official "limited edition" T-shirts made for the occasion.
So, lets get this party started :ale:
blokes, has there been a state of origin actually held in qld?
Kyogle? Didn't this start out as the Northern Territory?

Have I missed something here?
No Jwm - the NT part was a bit of a jest. At this stage SoO has always been held more or less mudway between Sydney and Brisbane, but next year it will still be between those two cities, but will include great roads in SEQld. I have led a few rides on this loop, and everyone ends with a smile on their face.

Exact timing will be decided. I have initial looking at Kyogle accomodation, which is OK but just not near anywhere convenient to eat.

Watch this space.
hmmm....Geraldton would be 1/2 way between Sydney and Brisbane (technically speaking), but somehow I don't see you guys wanting to make that an SoO
Damn.And I had packed an extra pair of undies for the NT.
They would have been wasted, Jwm - they don't wear them up there :crylarf:
Undies ??? - never heard of em !!! :twisted:
Have a great SOO - that's a beautiful area around Kyogle.
Anyone who is riding up this way, or wants to, especially during the Dry Season next year, then please feel welcome and we can make a PARTY out of anything !!!!

I think their all wimps NTGirl, I was packed and on my way, extra undies and all. The NT was a very attractive proposition. Damn.
SoO 2008

Hi there David, and Fast Devel, Kyogle sounds like a top place to be. I will certainly be looking forward to another adventure with you all. David I have finished my trailer finally. Will try to work out how to post some photos on site.
The venue is found, the ride options are organised, and the date is set for the 5th annual State of Origin get together. The Founding Fathers, Phil and Dave, did their scouting ride in the rain, and crossed Kyogle off the list as the accomodation and eating options are just not up to our (questionable) standard. So we are going to stay 30k's south, in Casino instead:

Venue: Milgate Motel, Casino Tel 02 66621022 Fax 02 66621828 email [email protected] Address: Cnr Centre & North Streets, Casino.
Ride options - these will be posted later, but everbody who has ridden the planned loop has ended the day with a huge smile on their face. Some of the roads are on 'The Bears' list of 'must-ride' roads, others would be if only he knew about them.
Dates: First weekend in April (Friday 4th and Saturday 5th)

The motel has undercover parking outside each room for bikes, a pool and BBQ area, and we will probably BBQ on Friday night, and have the State of Origin dinner at a nearby restaurant on Saturday night.

For info, Casino is 225k's from Brisbane city centre, and 720k's from Sydney CBD.

Also, if anyone gets there before midday on Friday, we will probably take an afternoon ride up to Tenterfield along the Bruxner Highway - another stretch of road in Australia that must be ridden.

Make your own bookings direct with the motel - first come, first served (there is another motel nearby if we need more rooms. This may happen, as I think this is going to be the biggest State of Origin yet).

More details will follow.
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Hi guys, just back from the Snowy Ride. While I was down there somebody stuck a leaflet on all the bikes advertising a charity ride to the Ayers Rock from 26 April to 2 May. There raising money for prostate Research.
May not have to unpack the extra undies after all. :lol:
jwm, i know the organisers behind that one, sounds like a good run, if you want any iniside info let me know.
Thanks Thommo. You don't know the link to the web site do you? I thought I kept the leaflet but can't find it.
Hi David & Phil Just to let you know i have booked a room for myself & the better half ,so count us in
Jwm, try this link
I believe they are getting a dedicated site up and running.
Hi Guys

We are now booked in and its in the diary - April sure is a long way off

look forward to it


Rico & Jodie
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