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We bought the bike as a category D write off on the 22nd of July 05, repaired it and set off for Spain on the 4th of September. We brought parts from as far a field as Canada (don’t you just love Ebay

The trip was really good, apart from one problem. The top of the tank bag came open on the first day and the passports and boat ticket went astray! This led to an interesting morning with the police in Salamanca shouting directly in my ear (in a very British fashion), in the mistaken belief that, the louder he shouted, the better I would understand. This went on for an hour or so while we filed a police report. I should point out that there are three police stations in Salamanca and of course we were sent round all of them, until we found the copper who could shout loudly enough in Spanish for me to clearly understand him (thank heavens for the Collins Gem phrase book and CD)

The intrepid adventurers carried on, waving police reports when passports were requested by clerks when checking into hotels and securing accommodation, without any problems. The roads in Spain are fabulous although, once you step off the beaten track in Portugal, the roads are not of the same calibre. Drivers in the main are very considerate. Our route took us on from Santander to just below Cadiz. From there along the coast to Tavira in Portugal and along the Algarve to Armacao de Pera. From there inland to the mountain-top town of Marvao and finally back to Santander to go three rounds with the British Consulate and the port police. Our initial enquires with the port plod did not go our way. We quickly realised the need for backup and called upon the services of the British consulate in Bilbao. After a few phone calls and, I hasten to add, no shouting, we were good to go and caught the ferry home two days later where we were greeted by grey skies, Gastos a 70mph speed limit and selfish, inconsiderate drivers in all three lanes. England! My England! Suddenly the shouting seemed like small beer and I craved for it!!
Esmerelda and Jither
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