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SoO ??

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hi people im new to this site - yes just got an 04 fjr and yes i do have a very large smile, as i live in coffs harbour i think this SoO sounds good. is this an invitation only or friends thing or is it an open ride - just wondered as its always good to meet fellow riders espcially those who ride same bikes - anyway take care one and all----Glen
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Hi Glen and welcome to the site. The SoO is open to all FJR Owners and the partners - if the partner rides another brand, that's cool, if they just pillion along, that's also cool. It's an opportunity to meet like-minded people, have some fun, wear some rubber off the sides of your tyres, and tell some li..oops, tell some (true) stories. You are very welcome. Make your reservation directly with the motel, and keep an eye on the site. We look forward to meeting you sometime.
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