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Got into a conversation just recently with another long-time rider about leaning. He's intrigued by trying something different.

Big Ogre,

I took an advanced rider course from Ryan Austin a few years back. He's the guy at the end of the video. Besides slow-speed and emergency maneuvers, we practiced cornering by letting the bike do the work while we (the riders) remained relatively upright. It does feel weird but I think Ryan's point is that if you have to lean into the curve or hang off like Valentino Rossi on the street, you probably shouldn't be riding on the street - save that riding for the track. That being said, I do like to ride through the curves at a spirited pace and tend to lean in, but I don't hang off and don't intend to either. What I will likely do is just back off the pace the next time I'm in the twisties. In hindsight I was probably pushing the bike pretty hard though the hairpins. I don't mean to start a debate about how much one should lean (or not) in any given situation. At the end of the day it's a personal choice how much one pushes the limit. I think I was so calm when I felt the engine guard scrape along the road because I had no idea it was the engine guard - I just thought it was the center stand which I used to experience more regularly on my FJ1200. After seeing Dan Cooper's reply I have a better idea how lucky I was - a little harder and I may have slid off the road as well. Live to learn another day and learn to live another day!

Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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Not to derail from your original inquiry but since you mentioned that you don't hang off I'll just throw it out there. Besides the bad optics, hanging off allows you to run less lean angle and avoid dragging hard parts. I personally hate the sensation of dragging hard parts. Ever since I started using more body position, AKA hanging off the bike, I think I've only dragged a foot peg once. Seeing the pictures above reaffirms my choice to use plenty of body position, even on the street.

P.S. I'll be adding this 🐍 road to my must ride list. First I've heard of it...

Edit: Just to clarify, I understand there is a difference between using a bit of "body position" and "hanging off" with your knee out. It's a spectrum.
Kinda different, eh?
I quit scraping metal parts and feet when I hit 50...quit leaning much at 70...probably quit riddin' when my legs fall off!!
BTW: I recommend staying at Historic Tapoco Lodge Resort (~$200 right now)- have their on brew on tap.
Egress out via NC Hwy 143 / TN 165 "Cherohala Skyway" to Tellico Plains...another rider recommended that route a few years back...much steeper in spots with 180 turns on downgrades so watch yourself...
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