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2014 FJR-A
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Just last week a riding partner had a similar experience of dragging an engine guard in a right hander.
Levered a tire just enough to lose traction.
Considerably different end story.

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Yes, that is the rear wheel, tire, and punkin laying in front of the rest of the scooter.
Plus a little ambulance ride to the infirmary.

I want to mention this was a good rider with lots of experience on this very road. He escaped with only minor injuries, and will probably ride again, but gave everyone a hell of a scare.
It could have ended much worse.

Just shows that experience won't always save us, even in familiar circumstances.
One little distraction, or lapse of attention, or fatigue, or piece of gravel, or mis-reading the road, or incursion by another driver, or animal in the road, or any of a hundred different variations can bite one hard. Public roads are not controlled condition race tracks, with medical services standing by. Public roads are not a good place for 10 tenths riding with no margin for error.
I already hate myself for posting any of this. I'm still just a little pissed that it happened.
Editorial rant over.


A man's got to know his limitations. -- Dirty Harry
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