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Shnko tire update

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I was wondering if anyone out there have been using Shinko tires on their fjr and if so, what is your opinion.
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I bpought a pair of Shinko Ravens from SW cycles for $143 delivered. I mounted and static balanced the tires and put them on my bike. Right from the getgo the bike had a thump that became noticable at about 25 mph. I removed the wheels and broke the beads, rebalanced both wheels and reassembled. No change. Finally used a sledge hammer resting against the tread surface of the rear tire as an index to check for runout. The tire had about 3/16ths of run out (you can balance a football, but you can't make it roll). I removed the Shinkos and replaced them with Pilot Roads and everything in the world is good again.
I'm not saying that this is representable of all Shinkos, but it sure was with the ones I got. I won't be buying them again.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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