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I am picking up my new 06 FJR1300A (Blue) Euro Spec tonight :D, being in Japan I have the Euro Spec (S. African model), luckily it came with an English copy of the Owner's Manual (as well as Japanese). I would like to find this manual online (in PDF format) like the US spec one available from the Yamaha US site.
The on-line Owners Manual (Yamaha US) only shows one PDF file.
Do any of the Euro zone FJR owners know where I can find/download the Euro Spec Owner's Manual for the 06FJR1300A?

Also, I just looked at the link showing the available Service Manuals, but can't quite figure out why there are 4 listed and whether they are US spec specific or also cover the Euro Spec FJRs
According to the posts I've seen on FJRForums re this subject the correct Service Manuals should be available by end of April.

Could any Eurozone based FJR owners please direct me to the Yamaha-Europe version of the Service manual (to buy) & on-line Owner's Manual?
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