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Selling Price

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Good morning,
I have never sold a motorcycle before, but it looks like I am going to have to sell my 2018 FJR1300ES (still undecided). What is the best way to determine a selling price?

Miles: 21,584
Garmin Zumo XT
Quad Lock Phone Mount
Aero Flow windshield
2 extra windshields (both VStream. One is the tallest, and a shorter one that's tinted).
Throttle body sync tool.
Tires look to be about half life.

The maintenance on the bike is up to date.

Thanks in advance.
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Do not take a check including a Bank check unless you meet at the bank where the check is issued and they confirm it is authentic. There has been a lot of fraud around fake bank checks. Only accept cash or a wire transfer of funds before you sign over the title. You will only get wholesale value from a dealer but it is easy and safe. Good luck.
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