For sale: passenger backrest for a Sargent World Performance FJR seat.

Includes the attachment hardware - important, as you'll need it to use the backrest, and the pieces cannot (AFAIK anyway) be purchased separately. The funny looking piece it slides into an existing slot at the rear of the World Performance seat, is secured by 4 M6 screws, & provides support for the metal tongue of the backrest.

As Sargent says, you do need one of their World Performance FJR seats to use this backrest. Won't work with a stock FJR seat.

I'm selling this because my SO is too tall for it to work. Because of the way it installs, this backrest pushes her forward enough to create uncomfortable knee bend. But then again she's over 6 feet. Shorter passengers will find this backrest suitable. She's doing a whole lot better using a back cushion installed on the top case.

US buyers: US$125 price includes shipping anywhere in the US. Payment via PayPal or USPS money order accepted.

Canadian buyers: Payment via PayPal. US$125 + 4% PayPal currency conversion fee = US$130. No extra shipping charge this time - I'll include USPS First Class Package International service in the deal.

This is a used item - no warranty included, no returns, refunds, or exchanges, but I'll insure the shipment for purchase price.

Since it's located in Albuquerque, NM, PM me about local pickup if you live in/near Albuquerque or will be passing through.