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Safely lift the FJR with off the shelf parts

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After mulling the idea of how best to support the FJR, whilst I remove the centre stand to do the linkage service, I can reveal the following :

You can use an ABBA stand

There has been one in the garage for a year or two now and I always watched my son use it to whip his bike up, to do whatever, with a bit of envy, so I thought I must be able to "arrange" something to allow its use...

For those familiar with them, you will appreciate that the swingarm is not "available" into which to plug the adaptors, as on most bikes. Even the "swingarm removal kit", which is designed to use the foot peg mounts, can't be used as the mountings are on castings which have the mounting bolts at non-symmetrical points on the bike. It is critical to have a bolt each side, at the right level, and that is at the same relative point on the side of the bike, else the stand will try to twist as its lifted...

However, there are a pair of bolts that are - these are the rear subframe strut bolts, situated approximately 4.5" (or 12 cms) above the foot pegs and are perfectly sited for the job.

Acknowledgements to the very helpful chap at ABBA, who provided me the parts with special bolts, in return for the research and tests/ photos, who I have kept informed and will be amending their listings to now include the kit for the FJR.

The part needed is the "swingarm removal kit with 10mm fine bolts", so you can use the existing nut.


a) Put bike on centre stand
b) Remove the gear lever side bolt with a 14mm open end spanner and large
Allen key and replace with adapter and 10mm fine bolt, and nut.
c) Brake lever side - remove 2 peg hanger bolts and move whole assembly
slightly out of the way. This will allow an open end spanner access to the
nut to hold whilst bolt is removed with Allen key - replace with adapter
and 10mm fine bolt.

I am leaving mine on, as I didn't do the linkage job today, and they are not intrusive.

Take the bike off the centre stand, put on side stand and fit the ABBA stand.

See their videos for guidance...

To lift the bike adequately, the ABBA stand needs to be put on a plank of wood of around 20mm thickness or more, as the rear wheel does not quite clear the ground without, since these mounting points are higher. Both the stand and the two stops need to be on the plank, so I used one each side, but a suitable length and width of e.g. scaffold plank may well do the job.

Don't forget to replace the right peg hanger bolts after you are done !

Photos to follow...

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I made this turn-table from some scrap stainless-steel I had in the garage, and a $5.00 lazy-Susan 8" bearing I got on Amazon. My driveway is slightly inclined, and this makes it much easier and SAFER for me to spin the heavy FJR around in the garage. Because the bearing platter is about 1/2 inch thick, I roll the rear wheel onto a 3/4" piece of pine to get the rear wheel high enough to easily raise the the bike on to the table, using the center stand.
( Also, this is a good way to get the bike up on the center stand when you have a flat rear tire.)

I've been meaning to do the Lazy-Susan thing for a long time...... gonna get off my duff and do it, as I sure could use it in the shop.
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