Evening fellow (I use to be) FJR folks!

Sold the 2016 to a great guy in Minnesota (thanks again Kent) and he passed on my ONE PERSON touring setup, so I am posting it up for sale here. The setup includes 3 items:

Russell drivers daylong saddle with rain cover. Worked awesome for my 210ish pound body for ALL of the 60K miles I put on the bike. No rips or tears and the foam still seems to offer great support!

Corbin smuggler color matched to the 2016 (and 2012 and?) Cobalt Blue color. Works great and includes 4 keys. Disclaimer: wore my FG riding jacket unzipped one time and the zipper end pelted the one side pretty good. Not deep, but did take the color and clearcoat off. I have kept it well waxed and I think it could be touched up or repainted easily?

Yamaha HD factory luggage rack. Has a few scuff marks from the Yamaha trunk I had on it during my Alaska trip.

All in all a great setup and would be turnkey for any Gen3 FJR's. I slightly modded the extra HD rack mounts and have it working PERFECTLY with the trunk and seat. Pictures tell the story.....

Looking to NET $725.00 for the setup and UPS is extra. NOT interested in selling items separately at this time I bought a heavy duty 2 layer box big enough for all 3 items and freight charges are from $75.00 and up. Example of GRR to Hou was $100.00 residential delivery.

PM me here with questions or if ya need more pics and I can ship it our any day this week! Again thanks for looking!!