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I seriously underestimated how long it would take. Got home at 1:45am almost 13 hours from when I left. Lots of stopping. The purpose was the ride and to get some pics of the Astoria Bridge at sunset. Got some good pics.

Basically took the back roads to hwy 6 then onto Tillamook and snaked up 101 to Astoria. Hwy 6 is a nice road but an annoying lack of passing lanes and openings :) Took hwy 30 back from Astoria, hopped over to Longview Wa to get to I-5, then straight shot home. It was midnight after all, my shoulders were tired and I was getting sleepy. Kept stopping for breaks. Got to the last rest area that I told myself I wasn’t going to stop at but then I started getting tired and it was now a mandatory stop.

Went to the vending machine. I needed a Pepsi and some sugar snacks to get me the last 45 mins home. Reach in my pants pocket….where’s my wallet? Look some more, where’s my wallet? Starting to have a slight heart attack. Where was the last place I had it out? Clatskanie. Google maps, how far away….oh crap, 1.5hrs away. It’s 1 am. I search the ground all around the bike, every nook and cranny, between handle bars, wedged under the fairing? Hell no!

Time to call and cancel the credit cards, sketchy little town I was in and I was in a well lit area where I would have lost it, no way it’s still there. I make the call, get right to the point of her getting ready to cancel 2 of them and I look down at my feet, there it is. STOP! Don’t cancel them!! She hadn’t yet done it, 2 more seconds and poof they would have been gone lol She laughed with me and the world was at peace again (at least for me). Now I am very awake and I don’t need the damn Pepsi or snacks! lol

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:love:Some beautiful view:love:
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