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Ride Day/Track Day - Willowbank SE Qld

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Hi all. On Monday 20 August there is a ride day/track day at Willowbank organised by Ulysses for Ulysses members and friends (we get a discount that way). Cost is $100 and they will hire you full gear (Joe Rocket leathers, boots, gloves) if you need it for $50.

I am going, and taking along 2 younger mates (both on 600Fazers). So far there are 8 or 9 in the group, and they will (apparently) give us total newbies a session or 2 as a separate group, and also some tuition/tips etc.

If you want to come along, post your interest here or PM me and I'll send you full details.
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Another Track Day

A great day. Not too hot, mostly overcast with a cooling breeze, although when the sun came out is was warm. We are getting more FJR's out there - three this this time. And by a long margin I am no longer the fastest FJR there. On the left is Alan, ex Superbike racer and runs 1:28's to my 1:36's. Happy to watch and learn.

And also there were Paul (Rico) and Jodie - their first track day. They both had huge smiles:

And it's a long story, but Steve, our son, is recuperating with us after a life-threatening incident in Canada 3 months ago - good to have him here and able to get around a little, even if it is only 2 to 3 hours at a time at the moment:

Rico at speed:

And Jodie:

And Rico again:

And there's always someone to get a session in early:

Coming in after the red flag:

Turn 6, coming on to the front straight:

And a few more piccies. Catch me if you can - and mostly they could. In the intermediate group you soon learn the limits of the FJR's ground clearance and road tyres, when mostly guys are on sportsbikes with appropriate tyres. I'll take some pics tomorrow to show parts that can wear away at the track:

And on the straight:

Under heavy braking - interesting to see the front tyre contact patch (running 34psi cold):

And being near Amberley Air Force Base this was flying around for part of the day:

Yep, I had fun:
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Another track day booked for next Friday - 20 Feb. Probably not on the FJR this time - I think the 600Fazer needs the run. Alan will be there too, but not on his (ex) FJR. He hit a roo a few weeks back - it just clipped his handlebars hard enough to put him down (at around 80 to 100kph) and wrecked the bike. He walked away. Thanks to the insurance settlement he has a new ride, but decided he wanted something more track oriented - now has a Fireblade.
Looks like great fun, David! Good to hear that your son is doing well!

Yasee guys??? Go ahead and take those FJRs to the track!!

(In the US, they'll probably make you tape over the lights and mirrors.)

What great fun David, You'll have to tell me how the 600 does I think thta called an FZ6 here in the states. I have one which I've been thinking of taking to the track as well. I'd be interested in how you get along with it.

Glenn, the 600 will be great - I just know it. Sometimes I have run the FJR a little deeper into the corners than planned - she's a heavy girl to pull up :shock: But I will give you some feedback.

John, yep, Steve is progressing - slowly, but progressing. Thank you for your thoughts (and prayers).
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