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Recommendation for a Cover.

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Can anyone recommend a good solid bike cover for a 2021 FJR? I have not been using the bags at the moment and am more kind of in sport mode.

Thank You
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My bikes live outside year-round, so I need good covers.

I have been using Dowco Weatherall Plus covers for quite a while. I had a Yamaha R6 and put a cover on it in 2010. I've since sold the R6, but I still use that cover for my WR250R. It's not a great fit, but it does the job. I also have a Dowco that I bought for my Tenere 700 about 2 years ago.

My FJR lives under a bespoke Yamaha OEM cover. It is a great cover, but is a bit spendy.

These are not travel covers as they are big and bulky, but they offer great weather protection. My first R6 Dowco cover is due for a re-waterproofing but still looks great after 13 years.

For a lighter, packable travel cover, I have a Tour-King half-cover designed for the FJR. I like it, but unfortunately, they have ceased production. If you can find a used one, I'd recommend it.

OEM FJR Cover:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Sleeve Automotive design Automotive exterior

Dowco Weatherall Plus for an Adventure Bike:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

Dowco Weatherall Plus for a Yamaha R6 used on a WR250R:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Bicycle wheel rim Automotive tire
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I've used several different ones. My best advice for a full cover is to have velcro straps at the bottom so the sides can be connected underneath.
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I have the touring windshield and I bought one similar to this

My bike is garage stored and it works well as a dust cover.
IF you just want a dust cover, get one at Walmart for ~$30..... if you want a half cover, many use the Nelson-Rigg UV2000 (in XL).
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Good options mentioned above.

I've been using a Covermax half-cover for commuting. I think XL size.

Takes less than a minute to put on the bike after I park. Stows quick & easy.

The difference in bother & size vs. a full-size cover isn't cosmic. I think you'd be OK with either.

I mostly wanted something to protect the most vulnerable parts of the bike from the sun. We have no overhead cover where I park at one work location, and our summer sun is absolute murder on plastics.

For the other office, there's a parking garage, but I still like to put the cover on to discourage anyone from messing with the bike.
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I've been using half covers for years now for the reasons that Desert Bike mentioned. Not only that, but a half cover is so easy to use that you will actually use it all the time. About 20 seconds on or off.
I'm currently using the Covermax XL (review with pics ) and have used Nelson-Rigg in the past. Both are well made and durable. They come with a carry bag, but I roll mine up and stuff it in my tank bag for convenience.
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For half cover, I too use a Nelson Rigg.
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If you want a light travel cover that will be compact and fold up into its own bag look at Aerostich. Cost is a bit more (well quite a bit more) but they are great covers.
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Bought two covers and neither can be put on a hot bike... which doesn't make any sense to me. Who parks their bike at 11PM and says, "eh, I'll be back at 2AM to cover it".

I'm hoping this will fit the bill...

My criteria for a cover:
  • Plain Jane no graphics or writing - basically says "please ignore me"
  • Fully covers bike from head to toe
  • Can put it on a hot bike
  • Water resistant
  • Durable

Past/current covers:
* can't be put on a hot bike
* after some years began absorbing water - replacements no longer available
* after some years water resistance has worn off - replacements no longer available
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I wouldn't worry much about a hot bike.... wait 20 minutes while you unpack at your destination. Mufflers cool down in a short time. Nothing else gets hot enough to melt plastic/nylon..
I have one that I put on right away over the hot mufflers, but it's a half-cover.
No signs of wear in almost a year so far.
Here is the review with photos and more info:

The eBay link is no good anymore, but you can easily search it by the brand and model number.
Been running a Tour King covers for decades. Never had one wear out yet they are 1/3rd the cost of something like a Gezza. Half covers that can be with or without tour pack pocket. Packs up to about the size of a soda can so taking on trips is easier.

(pics of the cover I have)
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