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Rear linkage / swingarm maint., & Abba Skylift clearance issue?

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Before I become prematurely heartbroken over my idea to use the my Abba Skylift to perform the rear suspension linkage and swing arm pivot bearing maintenance, to those that have done this job before, is the lift going to get in the way of being able to remove everything? I can't fully extend the center stand because of Abba's
crossmember going through that area. Any hope? I thought I remember hearing that the center stand needs to be fully extended at one point to remove. I hope I'm wrong.

What mileage are people lubricating the swingarm pivot/needle bearing? I have seen no posts of bearing failure so thinking of skipping for now since my '16 has only 21.5k miles. I usually don't skip anything, but it seems like it can go a bit. At least double the 16k interval. Opinions?


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You can lube three out of the four (including the most exposed) linkage bearings with the bike on the centre stand and a support under the rear tyre to stop it dropping. If you remove the rear wheel you can also remove the swing arm completely.

In fact the abba skylift just gets in the way (and I have a skylift myself) for work in this area tbh.
Rear Swing Arm Service
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