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Rear linkage / swingarm maint., & Abba Skylift clearance issue?

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Before I become prematurely heartbroken over my idea to use the my Abba Skylift to perform the rear suspension linkage and swing arm pivot bearing maintenance, to those that have done this job before, is the lift going to get in the way of being able to remove everything? I can't fully extend the center stand because of Abba's
crossmember going through that area. Any hope? I thought I remember hearing that the center stand needs to be fully extended at one point to remove. I hope I'm wrong.

What mileage are people lubricating the swingarm pivot/needle bearing? I have seen no posts of bearing failure so thinking of skipping for now since my '16 has only 21.5k miles. I usually don't skip anything, but it seems like it can go a bit. At least double the 16k interval. Opinions?


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At that mileage the swing arm bearings will not benefit from lubricating. As fjrlee says, just lube the 3 that are easy to get at. The best time to do it is when you change the rear tyre. Loosen off the nuts with the bike on the side stand, then put on centre stand and continue. With the bolts removed you can lift the swing arm, which will need to be rested on an axle stand and you will find that it moves up and down easilly with no need for lubrication. Also swing the linkage on the remaining bolt and that will also swing easilly and not need lubricating. Grease the other bearings, but how ever much you put on them, most of it will be pushed off as you re-assemble the linkage, which proves that taking the bike apart to grease all these bearings is, generally, a waste of time. The shock adsorber bearing is the one that siezes up, so pay particular attention to that and the needle bearings. Eventually the needle bearings will stop turning, even when well greased and at that stage will need replacing, which is a very easy job as long as you have a large 'G' clamp and some sockets. There again no need to remove the linkage, as it will still be swinging free. Put a socket on the bearing, put the 'G' clamp on it and wind it in. The bearing will pop out and then just wind a new one in. I have done this several times and it only takes a few minutes.
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