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Rear linkage / swingarm maint., & Abba Skylift clearance issue?

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Before I become prematurely heartbroken over my idea to use the my Abba Skylift to perform the rear suspension linkage and swing arm pivot bearing maintenance, to those that have done this job before, is the lift going to get in the way of being able to remove everything? I can't fully extend the center stand because of Abba's
crossmember going through that area. Any hope? I thought I remember hearing that the center stand needs to be fully extended at one point to remove. I hope I'm wrong.

What mileage are people lubricating the swingarm pivot/needle bearing? I have seen no posts of bearing failure so thinking of skipping for now since my '16 has only 21.5k miles. I usually don't skip anything, but it seems like it can go a bit. At least double the 16k interval. Opinions?


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Does your Skylift leave the front wheel on the ground? If so, lift the rear end higher, and there may be a point you can get the centerstand fully deployed.
You can remove the entire swingarm, however you'll find those bearings don't really need any service.
Alternately, when wanting to remove that front relay arm bolt, a couple or three have successfully done it without centerstand removal. Remove left muffler, undo right muffler at rear and use to pry the exhaust over slightly, bolt may just come out. May help to remove the two bolts, either side of the centerstand to let the exhaust header move a bit more.
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At 21k, you're probably in decent shape.......

Alternate plan...... this will allow you to inspect/lube all but the front relay arm bearing, which is high and not subject to very much "weather". Ditch the Abba, put bike on centerstand. Piece of wood under the rear tire to pry up and down on..... remove lower shock mount bolt, remove rear dogbone bolt. Pivot relay arm down/forward, now you can use tools on the middle bearing where the other end of the dogbones are. Remove all bushings, check bushings for corrosion and pitting, if OK re-use, if bad, check the bearing also for rust..... note, there is a fragile brown plastic retainer holding the needles equally spaced, do not damage it by too vigorous cleaning..... hopefully no issue. If no issue, grease the bearings and spread grease with a thin popsicle stick.... OK to have some excess, when you reinsert the bushing, excess grease will be pushed out. The idea is you have enough grease in there to prevent further water intrusion.

If bushings terribly pitted and rusty, likely the bearing is too...... probably should be replaced..... centerstand removal then required and replace bearings in a bench vice.....
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