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Rear brake pad replacement

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I'm trying to replace my rear brake pads and cannot get one of the bolts (#6 below) out (pin slides on Partzilla). The front one came out easily, but the rear one came out a small amount and seems to have bound up. Now it won't go in our out. I don't want to force it. Anyone got any ideas?

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You shouldn't have to remove #6 to simply change pads...
Huh? How are you going to push the piston back in, even if you could get the pads off without removing the caliper?
Maybe I'm wrong, but I could swear that I had the pads out during tire change. If that's possible it's typically possible to push the pistons in by hand or using a lever of some sort. I'll have to check this - I need to check my pads shortly anyway...
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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