Brand new Corbin seat and pillion - Heated - Still in the box with factory wrapping and complete heater wiring harness. Fits all FJR's 2006 and later. $650 ($1,000+ from Corbin) Will help with any shipping cost over $25.

Covered with a high-tech, super-strength material that provides traction and breathes freely, eliminating monkey butt. Custom built by Corbin to accommodate both Yamaha stock and extra-strong Givi SR-357 tail racks.

While the seat was being built for my 2012 FJR, I got a smoking hot deal on a 2014 FJR with a great seat; so never used the seat. The seat looks so good that Corbin used it on their website. Never realized my 18K mile bike was so beautiful! Link for Corbin photos and a 360 view at Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | FJR 1300 | 800-538-7035

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