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Looking for a totally weatherproof touring bag in which you can put just about everything you could possibly need on the road?? Here you go. Made by Ortlieb (a German manufacturer of quality dry bags) this measures 15"x15"x29". It nestles just right over the back seat and does not extend past the saddlebags. This thing will hold a tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag, thermarest pad, tool kit, cooking gear, a weeks worth of clothing, extra pair of shoes, raingear, bike cover, and still have room to spare. 100% waterproof and that is a fact! Great for either one up or 2 up riding because the bag can expand to full capacity or compress as necessary. Color is red (all the better to see you with) and is in very good conditio. You can get more detail from

$55 plus shipping OBO
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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