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I have about 12.4k on my '04. Was a believer in Motul 300V 15w-50 until recently. Was using on my '86 FJ1200 for many miles. Mechanic/racer recommended it.

I got to thinking. Looked for Motul website. Could no longer find a US site. Used to be one. Been thinking of Mobil 1 bike oil. Talked to a Triumph rider a few weeks ago, he switched his over to Mobil 1 a while back. He believed that he could tell a difference. Kept thinking.

Switched over to Mobil 1 a couple of rides ago. I think I can tell a difference. Rode with a buddy, he has an '03 FJR. It appears his fan comes on sooner than mine. I think that my fan comes on less often. Can't quantify.

I'm a true believer in an additive. Been running in a modified BMW four banger for years. 130k miles on a custom engine. I DRIVE it. 260k total miles on the car, 26 sets of tires worn out. Machinist that built the engine recommended the Tufoil. He was correct. I use 1 ounce per Qt, in the FJR. Motul didn't want me to run Tufoil with their oil. One reason why I was getting a little thoughtful about Mobil !.

I came back from a ride once on the FJ1200. I had just gone through the carbs, set them up and all. Took the ride. Bike was running righteous. Found a couple of Tufoil "doses" in my newly arrived supply while changing the oil on my BMW. Added them to the FJ. Damned if idle RPM didn't go up by about 150/200 RPM! Had to readjust!

I use Redline and Tufoil in my '05 Mustang GT, couldn't wait to change over, did engine and trans at 4.6k. Added a 10% mix of Tufoil to the 5 Spd. Transmission.
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