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We had a lot of fun today. We had Rocket (Daytona 600), Fallen Jim (2005
FJR) and his co-rider, and Tripletango (2005 FJR), and me (2003 FJR) show
up this morning.

We headed out as planned and got all the U turns out of the way first
thing. I was trying to take some of the lake roads around Benbrook Lake
and kept missing the roads I was trying to find or the roads would start
out good then route away from the lake and into residential areas. Over
lunch, Jim explained that the Army Corp of Engineers (and other
construction) had changed so many roads around the lake that the one's I
was trying to lead us to were either no longer there or dramatically

Giving up on lake side roads, we cut a choagie south through Granbury,
found FM51 and then discovered the next U turn hidden along the way. It
was a choice between continuing on down FM56 (boring) or pull a yooie to
get back to FM204/51 (fuuUUUuun). So, with everyone else's fun more
important than any remaining shred of personal dignity, we turned around
from our south bound FM56 path and picked FM204/51 back up.

Turning off of FM51 early (and missing the best parts) we FM205. I had a

FM205 was a nice bit of blacktop with a nice chat break waiting for us
in the guise of Dinosaur Valley State Park. The park attendant let us in
without charging the $5 entry fee. It pays to ride!

After the photo op, a bit to drink, and a facilities break. We saddled
back up and headed on southward, We passed near Glen Rose and then
shifted to "ludicrous speed" on FM220. As we neared Hico, we down
shifted from "plaid" for re-entry. As we pulled in to the Koffee Kup we
found a parking lot full of bikes and a short wait to be seated.

A good lunch, EXCELLENT coconut cream pie, and tons of good times with
new friends later and we figured it was time to head back. We retraced
out steps but took the southern end of FM51 (much more technical but
still with some grit and gravel in placed). It paid to ride "the pace"
so that nothing was hiding around a blind curve; waiting to surprise us.

Back up near 171 and 377 we pulled off into a parking lot to shake hands
and say our goodbyes as we all had different ways toward our homes.
Tripletango had to head back east. Rocket and I followed Jim up Kelly
and Bear Creek to I20 where Rocket and I split off and headed back
toward Ft. Worth.

Excellent weather. Outstanding friends. Mile high pie!
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