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By Hardleeablesinn standards they are quite rapid and sorta decent handling; compared to an FJR...heck: NO comparison! No stock H-D will stay in sight of an FJR especially on twisty mountain roads and as far as comfort goes not to close there either, IMhO having owned 5 H-Ds out of my 75 bikes over the years.

My modified '04 1200R Sportster is my favorite out of all those bikes. However, my it'll be here soon in March, new bluu FJR will put my Sporty in the weeds. OTOH, for two bikes that are radically different, but each very enjoyable in its own right they will make an interesting pair. Complemented by my DR-Z400SM Suzook and '75 BMW R75/6. Aaahh...variety, good stuff. DFO :D
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