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80 degrees yesterday, on the first day of March.

Wife calls me at the office at 10am and says, "How about I get a babysitter for the afternoon, and we go out for a quickie!" I crammed up the appointments I had after that, blew through them, and headed out. Hookie-playing, extraordinaire.

30 minutes after 2up departure, we reach the mouth of a local favorite twisty, and she clicks Ronnie James Dio into the mp3 player. God is good. :D

140 miles of twisties in under 3 hours, I'm shagged, wifey's still sitting pretty on the back seat of the Duc... she say's it's comfort level is right between the FZ1 and the FJR, she also says she notices the Duc (with it's pricey Ohlins stuff) feels less wallowy in the corners... (she noticed that?) and she doesn't know why, but the Ducati sounds more 'grumbly' than the FJR. I said, "because it's a twin." She says, "so there's another one just like it?" Oh well.

She's fearless, tho. As we were almost home, we had occasion to meet a 'country NASCAR wannabe' in one of those super-Diesel pick-em-ups that didn't want to be passed... so when I DID pass, I wanted a bunch of distance, quickly. I cranked it on, on an inside double-yellow with good visibility followed by a right hander that dropped away at the exit. We got around quickly, then parked in a swell lean for the right hander... and as the pavement dropped, the front wheel did a sweet little rise. (dang, I wish I had a picture of that, 2 fat people on a little bike with the front wheel up at lean) For the next mile or so, we really sailed... deep in the corners and hard at the exits. When we reached the slab, I joked, "now you know what Troy Bayliss feels like." And she said, "why, how fast were we going." "Nothing honey, turn the music back up."

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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