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Some feedback.
Rear end system reassembled, exhausts and radiator back first start and run test fine.
Then returned top fearing and tested lights, tested pass high beam switch and engine dies, turn signal Dash lights on main beam light on with varied fuel level. =
Heart attack..
Runs off to search forum, found ground spider thread. Looks like s4.
Sigh.. Fuel tank comes off to morrow. 馃槄馃槓馃槆

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What Whooska said..... OR, if you're going ahead to remove the exhaust, make note you only need to loosen the top rad bolts, remove the lower mount and swing the bottom of the rad forward.... there's enough room to remove the exhaust header bolts......

When you get to removing the centerstand, remember to put the bolts in the correct way around for next time.

A forum member on another forum did indeed modified a relay arm with grease fittings.....
That's pretty cool. Is that Russ rbentnail?
41 - 45 of 45 Posts